Pick-it M (Standard)

Robot vision

made easy

Plug and play eyes

for your robots

Pick-it is a plug and play product at a fixed price that guides your robot to pick and place a wide range of products in different applications. The 3D camera and Pick-it software detect the 3D position, orientation and dimensions.

To be visible for Pick-it, all parts or items

of interest must be inside the

field of view (FOV) of the 3D camera.

The region of interest (ROI) can be

seen as a ‘bounding box’ that

fits within the FOV of the 3D camera.

This box defines where the actual
application takes place.
You can

define this ROI in the Pick-it software.

The possible dimensions of

the ROI depend of the distance

between the 3D camera and your ROI.

Bringing your application closer to the

camera will improve image quality

and shrink the potential ROI volume.

Bringing your application further from

the camera will lower image quality

and enlarge the potential ROI volume.


Pick-it은 로봇을 이용하여 다양하고 넓은 범위의 제품을 픽 앤 플레이스 작업할 수 있도록 도와주는 3D 로봇비전솔루션 입니다. Pick-it은 다음과 같은 로봇응용분야를 지원하고 있습니다:  

bin pickingmachine tendingdepalletizingconveyor handling or kitting and assembly.

Machine loading

Automatic machine loading

Kitting and assembly

Find parts for assembly

Bin picking

Get parts out of bins

Pick and place

Pick from conveyors


Get products on and off pallets

Pick-it M (standard)

Our 3D camera can find overlapping products of varying sizes and materials, in glossy and matte colors, including with reflective surfaces and it continues working in changing and poor light conditions, even darkness.

The Pick-it camera uses structured light to calculate the 3D image. Structured light is the process of projecting a known pattern onto a scene. The way this pattern deforms allows Pick-it to calculate the depth and surface information of the products you want to be picked.


The advantage over classic 2D camera's is that the 3D camera does not require special lighting and has no problem with reflections.

For ease of use, it also contains a color camera which shows the current workspace in a user friendly way.

Pick-it camera(PI-M) fact sheet 보기

Advantages of Pick-it

Pick-it은 광범위한 교육이 필요하지 않으며, 비전 비전문가라도 동작시킬 수 있습니다. Pick-it은 제품의 사이즈나 형태의 변동도 확인할 수 있으며, 광택/무광택 색상도 확인할 수 있습니다. 또한,  조도가 바뀌거나 안좋은 조명환경에서도 잘 동작합니다. 제품에 유연하게 대응하고, 빠르고 간편한 셋업이 장점입니다. 모든 응용분야에 잘 활용할 수 있습니다.

Fast set-up

Set up a new product, workspace and robot

Works without light

Forget about changing light and shadows

Easy calibration

Pick-it guides you through

Fastest payback

Affordable fixed price

For all major robots

Your robot, your product, your workspace

3D overlapping products

Easy and simple





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